The story of 5 crabs: a refinished work damaged from Katrina

WBEFOREhile I tout my metal pieces as hurricane tested and hurricane proof (that is, if you can find them) some of the paint may be damaged in one way of another.

After Katrina, the piece you see to the left was salvaged (among others). The house, located within a block of the beach on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, was gone.

Here are close-ups of the individual crabs that make up one of my favorite ever pieces,
the A-crab-ats…BlueBEFORE

On the top, Crabby sings the blues, StarBEFOREthen, Starfish trooper.WendysFavBEFORE

In the middle, the collector’s favorite, primary colored crab LeavesBEFOREthe leafy crab.RedGoldBEFORE Last but not least, the Sun Worshiper.
Click any of the photos to get a better view.  Held up pretty well, huh?

Here is the refinished piece and the details AFTERBlueAFTERStarAFTERWendysFavAFTERLeavesAFTERRedGoldAFTER

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